4 Natural Ways to Fight Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Over the past decade, the diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome has become increasingly recognized and understood both within the traditional biomedical sphere as well as by alternative medicine practitioners.

This has been a boon for those suffering from the illness, who have greater access to care and treatment that meets their preferences than at any time in the past.

However, only those who live with chronic fatigue syndrome can understand just how debilitating it can be.

The etiology of chronic fatigue remains unknown, though it seems to occur disproportionately in those recovering from a recent viral infection. The characteristic presentation of a person with chronic fatigue syndrome includes symptoms of tiredness drowsiness, fatigue, and disproportionate irritability.

If you’re one of the thousands of Americans who struggle with the disease each year, then trying the following four natural remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome can help you achieve true health and self-healing.

1) Ginseng 

Ginseng is a natural medicinal herb that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine and Eastern medicine for centuries. However, it is only within the past few decades that Western natural health practitioners have caught onto the healing power of this natural herbal powerhouse.

Ginseng is an ideal natural chronic fatigue syndrome treatment because it is one of the best herbs for increasing energy and decreasing fatigue and tiredness. People who have seen excellent results from taking ginseng supplements or the plant in its natural form report feeling energized for many hours following its use.

2) Essential Fatty Acids

If you’re consistently feeling drained, down in the dumps, or just feel as though your batteries are low, then a deficiency of essential fatty acids may be the culprit.

For some people, adequate supplementation of these fatty acids is enough to relieve their chronic fatigue symptoms altogether. This is why early supplementation of essential fatty acids is one of the natural remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome that should be tried as early as possible in your treatment of the disease.

3) Licorice Root

Licorice is a well-known energy booster within natural medicine circles.

Symptoms of chronic fatigue such as tiredness, dizziness, and lethargy are often related to low blood pressure. This is especially the case in women. If you suspect that low blood pressure is why you feel the way that you do, then licorice root is the best of the natural remedies for chronic fatigue syndrome for you.

4) Ayurvedic Treatment

Ayurveda, a traditional system of medicine in Hinduism, has offered a lot of treatments for people experiencing chronic fatigue syndrome.

Within ayurvedic treatment, chronic fatigue is seen to result from an imbalance within bodily systems, and people governed by certain types of energies are more prone to chronic fatigue than others. Treatments to balance the energies generally consist of dietary changes, healing herbs, and breathing strategies.

5) Homeopathic Medicine

Constitutional homeopathic medical treatment is based upon a deep understanding of the whole person, including all unique, characteristic, physical, emotional and mental symptoms. The accurately prescribed homeopathic medicne acts as a bio-energetic stimulus or catalyst that gives the body and mind the energy and information that it needs to restore balance, health, a sense of well-being, and optimum energy.

If you are unsure as to where to start with your self-treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome or any other medical condition, then the Alternative DrM Natural Medical Self-care Protocols are your first stop on the path to wellness.

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