DNA Testing for Nutrition and Health

It is widely accepted that good nutrition is a vital foundation for a healthy life. The nutrients absorbed from the food we consume fuel all the body’s processes. Our body cannot function without these nutrients, thus our dependency upon good nutrition is inherent and critically important. Everyone’s relationship with nutrition is different, and now, as a result of advances in modern genetics, we understand why. If you cannot absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat due to a genetic weakness, then your health will suffer. It may be necessary to supplement your diet with the correct nutrients based upon your genetic defects.

DNA testing is only required once, because the genes that are analyzed are your foundational genes for your whole life. They do not change, so further testing will never will needed.

Nutrigenomics: Your Answer to Personalized Nutrition

Nutrigenomics is the study of the relationship between nutrition and a person’s genes. Nutritional genomics examines and analyzes how our genes impact our body’s ability to absorb and process nutrients, and pinpoint why our bodies may be struggling with energy, mood, metabolic balance, and/or detoxification.

A major reason why many people have turned to nutrigenomics is to understand their genetic weaknesses, and thereby optimize their nutrition, and create a path to optimum health. It is recognized that men and women are genetically and metabolically different, even when consuming the same nutrients. Nutrigenomics advances that understanding much further, beyond categorization by gender alone, but by a person’s unique genetic profile itself.

Nutrigenomics can be applied to many health concerns, such as revealing high risk for certain diseases, and/or helping to relieve chronic health conditions. Thus, the DNA test results can be used to optimize many aspects of your health, and alleviate a myriad of chronic concerns associated with poor health, as well as to uncover conditions that may run in the family genetic tree.

Genetic Testing with Actionable Findings

Our nutrigenomic test obtains a DNA sample through swabbing the inside of the person’s cheeks. No spitting into test tubes or blood samples are required. Test results are usually received within 10 business days. Many other genetic testing companies may provide patients with test results, but do not provide tanalysis of test results nor nutritional therapy recommendations.

Whereas, our nutrigenomic test report provides you with a detailed description of each key gene and metabolic area tested, as well as an analysis of your results, and specific, dietary and nutritional supplementation recommendations based upon your unique, inherited, genetic pattern.

We firmly believe in finding the underlying root causes of a person’s health issues, and treating them with precision nutritional medicine, rather than simply guessing and merely treating the symptoms superficially. Genetic nutritional testing gives people the power to take control of their own body, and know how it functions best.

Wondering why your diet might not be helping you to lose weight? Not feeling well and don’t know why, despite many trips to see all kinds of doctors? Do you have a chronic health condition that is just not getting any better despite all sorts of treatments? Are you using ‘trial and error’ to try to find the right supplements for yourself and it’s never quite right? Can’t figure out why specific foods disrupt your digestion? We now have a powerful, precision, genetic tool to help eliminate the guesswork using DNA testing for individualized, optimal nutrition.

The cost of the DNA test is $549.00, and is currently not reimbursable under health insurance. To order the test, contact Laura at (434) 361-1896.

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