The Secret to Treating ADHD Without Medication

The Secret to Treating ADHD

There are several exceptions to medication that may benefit your ADHD child. Before taking the plunge read about the secret to treating ADHD symptoms naturally.

When considering alternative treatments, it is essential to view the health of the entire person as opposed to treating the individual symptoms.

There are three essential areas to look at when considering a natural treatment for ADHD symptoms: diet, exercise, and therapy.

Consider Diet First

Consider Diet First

Elimination diets are a terrific way to begin the journey. An elimination diet is a short-term eating plan that excludes or eliminates specific foods that may be aggravating the symptoms of ADHD. The foods are then reintroduced one at a time to determine which foods are being tolerated well and which foods are not.

Avoid foods that are processed. ADHD children can be sensitive to a variety of additives and food coloring or dyes. Additives, colorings, and dyes are found in almost all processed foods.

Try to avoid foods that are considered allergens like dairy products, gluten (wheat, kamut, spelt, barley, and rye), and peanuts. These can aggravate the symptoms.

Have your child tested for Celiac Disease, as well as for IgE and IgG food allergies.

Silicates are chemicals that may further distress ADHD symptoms and are found in apples, peaches, tomatoes, oranges, and plums. Even something that may be considered innocent and “natural” can set off symptoms.

It is imperative to find a doctor that is supportive of your efforts to make dietary changes, one that has experience in holistic treatment methods.

It is also critical that you determine if your child’s diet may lack vital nutrients. Some research has shown that iron and zinc deficiencies are common in those who have ADHD.

Sometimes dietary supplements can help. Some parents have reported that adding an Omega-3 supplement has helped to control or improve symptoms. The EPA/DHA found in Omega-3’s is vital for brain function and is an anti-inflammatory. Supplementing Omega-3’s may help reduce ADHD symptoms and improve learning.

Don’t forget to consult with your physician before making these sorts of changes to your child’s diet.


Studies have confirmed repeatedly that physical activity every day significantly improves the life of a child with ADHD. Going outside and playing for about half an hour each day allows children to expel energy, improving focus and the ability to organize their thoughts. Exercise also helps keep hormone levels in balance.

Engaging in a team sport may further benefit a child with ADHD. This can help teach and reinforce appropriate social and behavioral skills in addition to the overall benefit and release of energy that exercise provides.

Seek out a happy and encouraging club or group atmosphere when choosing a sports team for an ADHD child, especially if the boy or girl is prone to self-doubt, shyness, or insecurity.

Some studies have found yoga, Tai Kwon Do, and other similar activities improve the focus of children and teenagers also.

Local churches and community centers often offer theater, choir, or other activities that might be the right fit for your child.


Taking simple therapeutic steps can help your child. Behavior therapy in the home, for example, can use a reward system to help ameliorate ADHD symptoms. Using a reward system can be tedious and time-consuming, but by doing so you help slow down and focus the child as to what is good behavior and what is not.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy can be administered by a professional or by parents with some training. This type of therapy allows the child to share thoughts and feelings. For every negative or self-deprecating thought, there should be a replacement of positivity and affirmation.

Therapy is a wonderful way to help your child develop the skills they need in school, play, and coping with life as an adult. Teaching those affected by ADHD to use checklists, reward charts, blocking out time, and planners will give them a head start in life.

Homeopathic Medicine

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Final Thoughts

Having the right mindset is imperative. Remember, when you choose supplements, dietary changes, or other methods of treatment, don’t expect immediate results. It takes time for these sorts of natural treatment options to work.