Dr. Fleisher is my Miracle! M.J. Chapman


Dr. Fleisher is my Miracle! M.J. Chapman

Terminal, Stage 4, Metastatic Small Cell Carcinoma of the Cervix

I was diagnosed with a rare cervical cancer on February 12, 2008. Over 90% of cervical carcinomas are of squamous cell origin. This cervical cancer was small cell carcinoma, like lung cancer. This happens in less than three percent of cervical cancers. Prior to this surgery, I had regular examinations and Pap smears, which came back negative for cancer. However, Pap Smears are not sensitive for detecting small cell carcinoma.

Surgery revealed the cancer was completely encased in a fibroid tumor. The cancer stemmed from my cervix and metastasized into three lymph nodes as well as my uterus. The tumor was also starting to fuse onto my bladder wall. The surgeons left a portion of the tumor and my cervix to facilitate future internal radiation sessions. My uterus, ovaries, appendix and the metastasized lymph nodes were removed. I had Stage 3B cancer.

An intravenous Port-A-Cath was surgically implanted onto my chest wall, under my skin. A catheter connects the port to a vein in which to administer the Chemotherapy and draw blood. Six treatments of Cisplatin and Eptoside Chemotherapy were planned to be given to me concurrent with twenty-five treatments of radiation and five treatments of internal radiation. Forty-five Gray Units of radiation were administered to the abdominal cavity below my rib cage. I was later told that Forty Gray Units could have destroyed my kidneys! An additional Thirty Gray Units of internal radiation were aimed directly at the remains of the fibroid tumor that still contained the cancer.

I was relatively new and uneducated to Alternative Care at this time. Although I knew of someone that had been cured of Melanoma using a Holistic approach with diet, supplements, surgery and radiation, I did not think it could possibly help in my case. My radiologist was honest and said she did not think she could even place me into remission. My research told me this was a very aggressive cancer and women with late stage, such as mine, have a very poor prognosis.

From the first day I was given the news, I knew if I was going to make it through this, I had to maintain a positive attitude and surround myself with positive energy. I drew strength from my Faith in my Creator and the outpouring of love and prayer offered from friends and family. I accepted the help that was offered. I was determined to keep my sense of humor through this devastating ordeal. A favorite saying became an attitude, especially when I felt I couldn't go forward, "Put your big girl panties on and deal with it!!"

Ultimately, I was only able to receive 3 and 1/2 treatments of Chemotherapy. Loosing my hair was the least of the side effects. During the combination of chemo and radiation, my white cell count went down to near zero. I was hospitalized on two occasions, given blood transfusions, platelets and massive doses of antibiotics. During one stay, I was dangerously close to becoming septic.

I had to take Zofran for the constant nausea and Dilaudid for the abdominal pain, which caused another set of side effects. General anesthesia was administered five times for Internal Radiation at the end of my treatments. I developed a severe radiation burn about the size of a quarter on my abdomen that took weeks to heal. A bladder infection placed me in the hospital once again in severe pain. The abdominal pain continued to be relentless. A CT Scan revealed my colon was "hardened and inflamed." I was sent home with painkillers, anti-nausea medicine and instructions to rest.

In May, I was informed the large tumor was killed, but I felt this would be short lived. Nothing was offered by my doctors to help boost my immune system and repair the damage of the chemotherapy and radiation. I was only instructed to eat a balanced diet, which included Ensure until I could tolerate solid foods. The pain continued and hollowed me out.

More than once, I cried for God to take me home. I felt I had been abandoned, placed in a leaky wooden boat with only my hands to bail out the sea and an ominous storm approaching on the horizon. I did not think I would make it to the end of the year much less see another spring and my garden in bloom.

During the Chemotherapy and Radiation treatments, I received Chiropractic adjustments that would ease the effects of the treatments for a day or so. My Chiropractor referred me to Dr. Mitch Fleisher in June of 2008. My main objective was to regain some of my immune system; I had little hope of preventing a recurrence of the cancer. What life was left in me, I wished it to be of a better quality than I was experiencing.

Dr. Fleisher was most patient and thorough during the several hours he consulted with me. He did not judge my former decision in choosing conventional care. I was given Constitutional Homeopathic medicine along with his natural self-care protocol for Cessation of Abnormal Cell Growth and Metastasis.

Before I had a chance to begin, I was hospitalized with an obstructed colon. The operative report said it was a multi-nodular tumor invading my left pelvic sidewall. It enveloped the rectosigmoid colon. The surgical oncologist performed a colostomy on June 25, 2008. I woke up to find a colostomy bag surrounding a stoma and was informed that it was permanent. An inoperable tumor approximately 4 to 5 cm was left in my pelvis sidewall. At the rate in which it first grew, the oncologist determined that I had two and a half to three months to live if I was lucky. I now had Stage Four Cancer.

The oncologist signed me into Hospice Care and I was sent home to die. A hospital bed was placed in our bedroom. I signed a 'Do Not Resuscitate Order.' My husband and my niece talked with our Priest and the Funeral Home for my Funeral Arrangements. I requested that my ashes be scattered on a nearby hillside with one of the most beautiful views in the county. Panic attacks came with every sunset. I was afraid of being alone at any time of the day and closing my eyes to sleep. Family and friends traveled from across the country to say their good-byes. We all prayed for a Miracle.

My husband called Dr. Fleisher for help about a week after I was placed in Hospice. We hoped at the very least to delay the pain that I would experience when the cancer consumed me. I was only able to start with less than half the protocol he initially gave me. Nausea still overwhelmed me, but I managed to swallow the supplements. I followed the Metabolic Typing diet that DrM recommended and avoided sugar and unrefined carbs, as cancer feeds off these foods. I continued to receive regular Chiropractic adjustments to further strengthen my immune system and facilitate the supplements.

At this time, it would have been so easy to place my head upon my pillow and leave this earth. The fatigue was profound. As the days and weeks continued, I slowly found more strength to fight. Phone calls and emails were promptly answered by DrM in simple terminology, for which I was so grateful. He became the oars in that leaky boat, pulling me back to the safety of the shore. I was able to push aside the fears and doubts with each sunrise.

By the end of August, against the advice of my Hospice nurses, I began slowly weaning myself off an extremely powerful opioid narcotic pain medicine, Fentanyl. It is more potent than morphine. Coping with the withdrawal from this drug was most difficult. When I asked the Hospice nurses how others handled this, they responded, "We don't know. Our Hospice patients never come off of this, Ms. Chapman!" They were amazed at my progress. Bi-weekly Hospice care examinations were reduced to once a week. I showed no signs of the cancer advancing and I experienced NO PAIN, even after weaning myself totally off the Fentanyl patch.

As Fall approached, the nausea began to subside and my appetite slowly increased. My hair grew back in shiny and healthy. My husband and others told me I was glowing with health. It was during this time that my husband and I learned we would become grandparents. I felt this was a Sign, a Gift from God. I was determined to be present for the birth of this child.

By December, my energy level was much higher. I climbed the stairs effortlessly in decorating our home for Christmas. On December 25, 2008, six months to the day my husband was told I would not be alive, I prepared Christmas dinner for my family. By the end of the year, I would be released from Hospice. The oncologist had never before signed a patient OUT of Hospice Care.

In January 2009, a PET Scan revealed that the 4-5cm inoperable tumor was only one cm with very low activity of cancer cells. There was no metastasis to any other lymph nodes or organs. This was incredible news!!! I received no chemotherapy or radiation since the surgery in June of 2008. After my radiologist reviewed the Scan, she said, "Whatever you are doing, keep doing it!" But, sadly, she didn't want to know what I was doing. It seems most regular doctors are afraid to 'buck the system' and learn what really works.

In February of 2009, I was able to travel to witness the birth of my beautiful granddaughter. I was filled with Hope and Joy, and a renewed determination to dance at her wedding.

I relished every flower and soft breeze in spring. I sat on my porch and watched the golden light of sunsets where only six months earlier I fought panic attacks at this moment of the day. I MADE IT!!! My garden and my life were bountiful.

The month of May brought an episode of the Shingles Virus, not unusual in former Cancer patients. I was completely healed in about 3 weeks using Dr. Fleisher's natural self-care protocol for this Viral Infection. People afflicted with Shingles have told me it took them between 6 months to a year before the symptoms and pain are relieved. I have experienced no residual pain.

On June 25, 2009, a year to the day I was told I was terminally ill and over 18 months after first being diagnosed with cancer, I was present with my husband and friends to watch the sun set at the site, which should have been my final resting place. My latest Pet Scan, July 13, 2009, revealed no activity of Cancer!!! I burned my 'Do Not Resuscitate Order' in Celebration.

Being diagnosed with Cancer is one of the most frightening experiences one can face in life. Most people cope with severe side effects months and years after conventional treatments. Not only did Dr. Fleisher's natural self-care protocol heal the effects of the chemotherapy and radiation, it rid my body of Stage Four Cancer!!! He truly honored his oath of "Do No Harm" during this process. I feel confident that he will always direct my family to the most effective, highest quality supplements and Homeopathic medicines available.

I have almost as much energy now as before the cancer diagnosis. Some days, I can exercise twice as much as before. Life has returned to 'normal.'

I will continue the lifestyle changes that I have learned from DrM and will always refer to his Alternative DrMCare website for future conditions. I strongly recommend that everyone refer to it too when they're in need of powerful, natural self-care.

Some of God's Miracles are instant and defy explanation. During this journey, I have learned that God will send people into our lives to help Heal us with the Gifts and Knowledge bestowed upon them.
Dr. Fleisher is my Miracle! M.J. Chapman
Dr. Fleisher is my Miracle! M.J. Chapman