How to Beat Strep Throat Naturally Without Antibiotics

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Strep Throat is the most common bacterial cause of sore throats. An infection of the bacteria Streptococcus causes strep. This bacterium causes red, inflamed tonsils, sore throat, and difficulty swallowing, accompanied by a fever, body, headaches, and swollen lymph nodes.

This nasty condition can stick around for weeks, coming and going and ruining your winter months. Doctors typically prescribe antibiotics for strep throat as a full round should theoretically kill of the Streptococcus.

Antibiotics are not the only way to nip strep throat in the bud, there are a lot of effective natural remedies for strep throat which do the trick. With the health concerns for antibiotics on the rise, their true effectiveness is in question, and the option to take care of something naturally is a great approach.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Diluting a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water about three times a day helps kill the strep throat bacteria. The acetic acid in the vinegar kills bad or unwanted bacteria when it comes in contact with it in the body, acting like a natural antibiotic. Using apple cider vinegar as your antibiotic is so much more beneficial because it only kills the bad bacteria, leaving the good bacteria in your gut as to avoid the gastrointestinal issues which can arise from taking antibiotics.


Garlic does wonders for strep throat when mashed up with a little bit of honey, and a teaspoon is consumed every hour or so. The allicin, which is released when garlic is cut or mashed, has very strong antibacterial and anti-viral properties. Keeping some of this in your system helps kill the Streptococcus and anything else preying on your weakened immune system. Garlic is a great way to not only get healthy but stay healthy!

Raw Honey

Raw honey is a magical medicine for those with strep throat. The thick wet liquid not only coats and soothes the throat but also creates a physical barrier keeping bacteria away from your sore, inflamed throat. Raw honey also contributes strong antioxidants to your immune system.

Herbal Tea

The benefits herbal teas provide are vast, but there are a few that are specifically beneficially to those fighting a sore or strep throat.

Elderberry tea is very helpful; it has antibacterial and antiviral effects on the body. This helps the body fight off infection and keep it at bay.

Echinacea tea has natural anti-inflammatory and painkilling effects. This herb is commonly used for any cold because of its very strong immune boost it gives the body.

Dandelion tea is an excellent boost to the immune system, and its antibacterial qualities are useful for killing infections.

Lastly, the tea you’re most likely to have in your cupboard already, Chamomile.
Chamomile tea is super helpful in fighting off a strep throat, or a sore throat of any kind, because of how many antioxidants there are in it. These antioxidants combined with the warmth of the tea help reduce congestions, swelling, pain, and redness.

Bone Broth

Appetites ebb when you’re sick, but your need for nutrition only goes up! A good natural bone broth is a great vehicle for not only vitamins, minerals, and calories but hydration as well. Bone broth extracts calcium, phosphorus, silicon, magnesium, glucosamine, and chondroitin sulfate from the bones when cooking. These minerals are also so much easier for your body to absorb when in a broth, therefore boosting your immune system at a low energy cost. Not to mention, sipping on a warm liquid helps soothe the throat and break up mucus.


Vitamins are important for overall body health so, of course, they also help the immune system when in peril. Vitamins C and D are the two to focus on.
Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to respiratory problems and infections for a long time so restoring the vitamin D in your system is a good first step to beating your strep throat. Vitamin D also has strong antimicrobial qualities to help defend your body against the strep throat bacteria.

Vitamin C boosts your immune system and plays such an essential role in the healing process. One needs to take about four times a normal dose when they are sick to outfit the body with what it needs to not only boost the immune system but help your body prevent any further illnesses and start repairing damaged tissues in the throat.

Salt Water

Gargling salt water for a minute three times a day also helps kill the strep throat bacteria but does so by making the mouth an uninhabitable place for the bacteria to flourish. The salt makes the mouth more alkaline making it hard for the bacteria to survive in such an unfamiliar habitat.

Pink Himalayan salt specifically helps as it has natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities which soothe your sore throat as well as heal it.

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