Natural Healing for Autism: What works?

Have you ever wondered how you could treat your autistic child’s mood swings at home? Autism can be a challenging condition for those who have it and for those who love and care for them. However, there are remedies that can help in natural autism treatment.

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What is autism?

Autism is a developmental disorder that often leads to impairment of social interaction and communication. There are different degrees of autism so those affected may display various characteristics from antisocial behavior to an incredible memory and a strong ability to focus on details. Mental health and developmental professionals use the term, autism spectrum disorder to decribe the various types and the severity of developmental problems faced by those who have autism.

This disorder appears in early childhood, usually at around age two. Conventional medicine believes that there is no cure, and it is considered a permanent condition. However, this is not true.

Accurately prescribed, constitutional Homeopathic medicines and nutritional therapy, as well as detoxification methods, given under the care of a well-trained Homeopathic doctor, can significantly improve, and even resolve the symptoms of autism in certain cases.

Healing autism with natural remedies

Let us look at the best natural remedies that can enhance natural autism treatment.

  • Casein-Free and Gluten-free diet

Many studies conclude that autistic children show significant improvement when they follow a diet free of casein and gluten. High levels of casein and gluten in your diet amplify brain reactions. Matching a casein and gluten-free diet with other therapies increases the effectiveness of those methods, too.

  • Proteins

Proteins offer great benefits to people with autism because they contain many essential amino acids that help improve brain function. A unique compound called carnosine – found in protein-rich foods – aids the improvement of cognitive abilities.

  • Ginger Tea

In general, tea helps to improve overall health, and ginger is an effective antispasmodic that reduces cramping. Rich in essential antioxidants, regular consumption of ginger tea is one of the best ingredients to treat autism naturally.

  • Fish oil

Fatty acids are generally responsible for the active development and function of the brain. Fish oil is a balanced dietary supplement that contains omega-3 fatty acids. Studies suggest this oil reduces repetitive behaviors, hyperactivity, and improves socialization.

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  • Magnesium

Autism is a disease that is heavily influenced by nutrient deficiency. Magnesium deficiency can lead to a range of destructive behaviors, including restlessness, teeth grinding, hiccups, sensitivity to noise, poor concentration, and difficulty concentrating. Including magnesium supplements in a diet reduce destructive behaviors and increases overall function.

  • Ginkgo leaf

Gingko leaf is an effective treatment for strengthening blood circulation through the body, which improves memory, concentration and helps to improve the symptoms of autism. Try dried ginkgo roots or use gingko leaf supplements.

  • Calamus root

Usually used in Asian medicine, calamus root enhances brain activity, such as increasing memory, alertness, and self-esteem. With these benefits, calamus root is an effective treatment for autistic children and adults.

  • Peony Root

Also, widely used in Asian medicine, Peony root controls seizures and calms the mind. It is considered one of the most effective plants to treat seizures. Besides, peony root also promotes cognitive development.

  • Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy is one of the most effective methods to treat autism naturally. Although most children with autism have poor motor skills, physical skills can be overlooked as more emphasis is placed on behavior and eye contact. But teaching autistic children basic sports rules, skills, and turn-taking can enhance their social behavior and boost their self-esteem.

To learn more about the natural treatments for autism, you can visit the Alternative DrMCare website. Using healing herbs, and Homeopathic remedies to correct imbalances in the brain and body is a great addition to other natural treatments.

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